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updated 2/08/12

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Fallen Riders Foundation Mission Statement

It is the mission of this organization to provide immediate assistance to fallen Riders of two and three wheeled vehicles in the event of incapacitation or death.

The purpose is to honour all riders (a) in the event of death by preventing burial in a pauper's grave due to legal time constraints when there is a delay in contacting next of kin and/or their ability to make appropriate arrangements themselves; (b) in the event of incapacitation to assist a family in financial need to transport the injured to a care facility near to next of kin.

In addition, we will encourage all riders to carry an information card with their driver's license indicating (a) emergency contact information (b) known allergies (c) the location of the last will on file and/or health care proxy. We will help to educate all riders for the need to have these legal documents in place.

We are a non-profit, donation funded organization and request replacement of emergency funds used by those with ability to pay.


Fallen Riders Foundation Bylaws

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